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Teradyne Connection Systems Teradyne Connection Systems Teradyne Connection Systems
October 2003

Designing for Low System Costs

Teradyne can reduce your system costs without sacrificing performance. Learn how by viewing our recent NetSeminar: Reducing Chassis System Costs Without Sacrificing Performance and Bandwidth [view now]

Layer count reductions are more significant than cost/pin
SPICE analysis can identify the optimal design target before fabrication
Back drilling provides the best cost/performance balance

Real World Solutions to Meet System Cost and Performance Targets

Optimize product performance, value & time to market with end-to-end products and servicesOnly Teradyne Connection Systems provides a total system solution, encompassing the entire signal transmission path, to meet performance and cost requirements for demanding applications. [learn more]

High Performance Circuits

As package density and technology drive the need for greater density on the printed circuit board, deep micro-via technology provides several benefits to printed circuit board designers. Learn more when you request a copy of Deep Microvias in Next Generation System Design. [view abstract][request a copy]

Compared to traditional thru-hole vias, microvias can give printed circuit board designers a distinct advantage in terms of overall board size reduction, layer count reduction and increase route or interconnect density. Teradyne's high performance circuit capabilities include:

Deep microvias connecting up to 3 layers
Buried, blind, back drilled, dual diameter, and electrically isolated vias
Panel Sizes 16" x 18" to 24" x 54"
Layer counts 6 to 60+
Thicknesses .050" to .440"
and more

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Sept. 22, 2003:
  Accelerant Transceiver Validates Teradyne Backplane in Less than Two Days Using Lab In A Chip
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