PLL and DLL Hard Macros

True Circuits, Inc. offers a complete family of standardized, silicon-proven PLL and DLL hard macros that spans nearly all performance points and features typically requested by ASIC, ASSP and SoC designers.

TCI clock generator, deskew, low-bandwidth and spread-spectrum PLLs are available in a range of frequencies, multiplication factors (1-4096) and functions. Each now features our LockNow!™ Technology
to dramatically improve PLL lock times. This is a significant advantage for chips that need fast restarts from low-power modes.

TCI DLLs delay a set of signals by precise and adjustable fractions of a reference clock cycle independent of voltage and temperature. They have flexible form factors and are ideal for high-speed DDR interface applications.

Our PLL and DLL hard macros are designed by TCI, easily integrated by our customers and fully supported by TCI, so customers can reduce both design and silicon risks. Our hard macros are pin-programmable, highly process tolerant, and reusable. Our licensing terms involve conventional license fees with re-use options. We do not charge royalties. Our deliverables include detailed integration and testing guidelines and integration support to ensure a fast and successful customer tapeout.

Our continual focus on R&D means our designs are constantly improving. Our robust state-of-the-art circuits and methodical and proven design strategy allow us to quickly and easily port our new or existing designs to new and advanced processes. This means that customers will always have access to our latest technology as advanced processes become available.

TCI silicon-proven PLLs and DLLs are available for immediate delivery in a range of frequencies, multiplication factors and functions in TSMC, UMC and Chartered processes from 0.25µm to 0.09µm.

So what are you waiting for? Lock in a premium-quality, low-jitter PLL or DLL that you can count on for first silicon success. Go with True Circuits, the timing experts.

We have a lock on timing …the proof is in the silicon

Now featuring "LockNow! Technology" to dramatically improve PLL lock times - TRUE CIRCUITS INC. | timing is everything